May 26, 2020

"The owner himself came out to do our inspection this morning, very kind and professional man. Gave us his findings verbally and is going to email us as well. Didn't even charge us for his time. Very pleased I was referred to this company and recommend them highly."
March 2, 2018

October 9, 2015

"Dave is amazing!! He listened to us, and helped us. Fingers crossed but I think the bugs are finally gone!! This man and his employee busted their backs for 2 hours they exterminated my home. 2 hours. Dripping sweat. It's a 2 bed/2 bath and they were extremely thorough. The company is awesome because of the values and morals they uphold. Plus, the customer service is fantastic!! I can't possibly imagine ever hiring another pest company. I must say this too - we had orkin out here months before and they failed at eradicating the bugs AND they were rude."
September 17, 2014

"I was about to burn my house down (not really) in frustration and disgust over a quickly progressing flea infestation. I almost never use businesses that haven't been reviewed on yelp but I was desperate and the several other businesses I called couldn't come that day. I talked to the owner and he seemed super friendly so I decided I had nothing to lose in giving them a shot. They were very professional and much cheaper than the other places I called. I'm really surprised they don't have any reviews. I would absolutely use them again."
Frost Integrated Pest Management LLC.