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Drawing from more than three decades of professional experience, Frost Integrated Pest Management LLC works hard to deliver pest control solutions to homes and businesses throughout Portland, OR. From bed bugs to ants, rodents to boxelder bugs and more, we’ll eliminate your pests and make sure they don’t come back! Get a free estimate on same-day or next-day service.

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Not only do we eliminate all pests from your home, we help you make sure they can’t come back! We want to go the extra mile to help your home stay pest-free.
locally owned and operated
Our business is local, family-owned and -operated, backed by more than 30 years of professional pest control experience.
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We’re an upbeat, friendly company that likes to form a relationship with our customers. We’ll help just about anyone and we make it a point to get to know you along the way.
Our business actually started in New York, giving us a wealth of experience when it comes to combating pests of all types, from across the country!
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Call us for same-day or next-day service for your home, business, mixed-use property or commercial establishment, including restaurants and healthcare facilities.

You Don’t Have to Live or Work with Pests!

spraying for bugsWithout the proper attention, even the smallest pest problem can quickly spiral out of control. A few ants can become an entire colony in your kitchen or a rat can quickly reproduce and destroy your business’ integrity! To make sure your pest problem doesn’t rapidly devolve into a major crisis, make sure you’re not wasting any time in contacting Frost Integrated Pest Management LLC. We deliver high-level pest control in Portland, OR, aimed at completely stopping your pest problem in its tracks, no matter what you’re dealing with or what the scope of the infestation might be. From ants to bed bugs, beetles to rodents, bees to spiders, we take the right approach every time.

Our pest control services in Portland, OR are tailored to every home or business, specific to every infestation. We’re tactful in how we address your pest concerns and make sure to not only eradicate pests, but also help prevent them from coming back. We also take the time to educate you on where your pests came from and how we’re dealing with them. By opening a dialog, we get to know our customers on a first-name basis, giving you the confidence you need when trusting an exterminator with your pest control issue. Don’t let pests take over your home or leave you struggling to find solutions for keeping them out. Instead, contact Frost Integrated Pest Management LLC!

Proudly providing pest control services to the following areas:

Gresham, OR
Troutdale, OR
Beaverton, OR
Hillsboro OR
West Linn, OR
Wilsonvile, OR
Oregon City, OR

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With same-day or next-day service, we’ll waste no time in addressing your pest problem head-on. Let us help you reclaim your home or business from unwanted critters!
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